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Sick and Sicker

Yes, I know it has been a while since my last post but the Tame household has been one of sickness for over a week now.  Yep, all the boys have been sick and then it was my turn.  It seems the last few weeks have been brutal for people getting the flu and then having a cold to follow.

I am VERY excited to tell you that I have an amazing job for tomorrow night though!  I will be the photographer for a charity event being held for a young woman named Lori.  I won’t get into all the details right now, I will leave that for the post on the weekend but I will tell you that she was robbed of her eyesight a few years ago from a disease and she is trying to raise money for a surgery that could reverse her blindness.  I met Lori at K and A’s wedding and I am honoured to be able to be a part of this special night for her 🙂

Oh, and I bought the Gary Fong Lightsphere yesterday to try out for the event.  I’m sure the lighting in the ballroom won’t be great so I thought the lightsphere would help me out instead of having to use straight on flash.  If anyone has any tips I should know please pass them along! 

I will post some photos of the event on the weekend….have a great day 🙂


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As promised, here are some photos of the groom!  The little cutie is the flower girl and A’s niece.  She was too funny.  When she went to walk down the aisle she got a little nervous but that didn’t last long!  She was adorable.  Then once the reception started she was a dancing machine!  Twirling and swirling in her dress.  K, you are one of the prettiest princesses I have ever had the pleasure of meeting 🙂  Thank you for letting me take lots of pictures of you!





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I haven’t made any comments on my blog regarding the US elections or about Obama heading to the White House as this is mainly a business blog and we all know you shouldn’t involve politics and business!

Now, putting aside all political views, this is an extraordinary day, whether you are black, white or brown.  Today is a huge deal.  I heard someone say that  the civil rights movement was so long ago and having a black president isn’t such a far reach.  I nearly choked when I heard this.  The unbelievable events of the civil rights movement happened in our parents lifetime.  Think about that.  Think about the disgusting behaviour of  humans against other humans.  Think about how hard a whole race has had to struggle to be seen as a regular part of society.

And as I sit here today struggling to put into words exactly how I feel, my oldest son, who’s 4 said something so simple and so true that I wanted to share it.  We were listening to the radio on the way to school and he asked “Mommy, who’s Rocket?”.  It took me a second to realize he was talking about Barack and I said “Buddy , they are talking about Barack Obama.  He is going to be sworn in as the new president in the country that’s right below us.  He is the very first black president.”  And as he pumps his fist into the air he says “GO BARACK OBAMA WHOO HOOOOOO!”      Perfect 🙂

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The bride’s dad mentioned in his speech that this was the “coolest” wedding he had ever been to and I would have to agree!  It “warmed” up from the previous 2 days but it was still a bone chilling -20 or so with the windchill brrrrrrr!

Cold weather aside, it was a fabulous day!  It started to snow lightly as the ceremony started and continued to snow throughout the night.  The setting could not have been more perfect and the bride K could not have looked more beautiful.  Being the photographer that is always with the bride while she is getting ready is a privledge and it always amazes me how these women go from their normal everyday look (with a few extra “bags” from the night before 🙂 ) to these drop dead gorgeous creatures in a white dress.  K, you looked absolutely stunning and I thank both K and A for allowing me to be a part of their day.

I am only posting a few photos today, I will do a few more tomorrow of the groom.  I had computer troubles yesterday and didn’t get as far along as I would have liked.  I would love to post a ton of the photos for all the guests and family to see but I won’t do too many as the newlyweds are on their honeymoon and won’t be able to see anything until they come back!





The cute little guy is K’s son and A’s new step son.  He was such a good boy all day and really helped out a lot.  His main job was to make sure that K and A wouldn’t run into each other on the Inn grounds…oh and to clean his shoes on the fancy automatic shoe cleaner at the main Mill!  Thanks J for all the great pictures I got of you.  You were a lot of fun and I won’t soon forget that smile of yours 🙂


As I said….more tomorrow!!!  Have a great day!

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Catching Up

I realized that I have a lot of photos that I haven’t posted and should have!  So I am reaching back into the archives and pulling out a few weddings.  I always love weddings and I love being a part of a wedding.  The energy is contagious and you can’t help but be excited, nervous and overjoyed for the couple of the day.  Wedding days are so very special and couples will (hopefully!) never experience something so monumental in their lives again.  Other than the birth of my babies, my wedding day is a day I will never forget.

J and C are the couple below.  I travelled to Fort Erie for this one and took the whole family with me for a trip to Niagara Falls the next day!  J and C were very brave and decided to have the wedding at their beautiful home.  It was a small, intimate affair and I was honoured to be a part of it.  I know the hubby from high school and hadn’t seen him in probably 8 years.  It was nice to see him and his big family!

     web62          web58




      web24         web8

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Wedding season is quickly approaching!!!  I am so excited for this season because last summer I only did a few very small weddings as I had a newborn who relied on me as his only food source!  Weddings happen all year obviously (I have one this weekend at the Millcroft Inn in Caledon) but traditionally the wedding season starts late May and runs into October for the fall colours.  I have had a lot of inquiries the last few days which is fantastic.  This is a great time to start looking at photographers for summer weddings, as space usually books quickly.

I thought I would post a few shots of Samantha and Adam’s wedding in Todi, Italy this past September.  I had the most amazing time there.  And yes, I had my littlest one with me, on my back in his carrier for 3 hours and not a peep came from him the whole wedding.  I was very lucky and do not recommend this practice to others!  These were special circumstances though 🙂


                    love213                     love073 



      love361          love16


      love511        love381



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I wish it wasn’t -31 with the windchill…I wish it was sunny and warm…I wish I was at the lake with the hubby and kids…I wish that I was back on the beach with K and C doing this photo shoot again!  It is sooo bitterly cold today that I thought a little reminder of the beach may do us some good 🙂 

Here are a few shots of K and C that I took last summer.  These two are definitely not camera shy and they did a fantastic job.  Can you believe it started raining about 5 mins after we did these photos.  We saw the clouds rolling in and decided to pack up.  We made it to the car but by the time we got back we all got soaked…good thing they were in their bathing suits!






The last one is my favourite of the bunch.  They just hopped up on the table and started doing their little dance.  It was totally natural, I didn’t direct them to do it at all!  It was pretty funny actually 🙂 

So, here’s wishing you warm thoughts today!

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