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Vacation Pics!!!

Okay, so we’re at West Lake alllllll the time but we just had 2 1/2 weeks there which was fantastic.  The weather could have been a bit better but we can’t complain too much.  A lot of the rain and storms passed right around us….because as everyone who camps there knows….”it never rains at West Lake!!!”  I thought I’d post just a few pics right now of the area. 

I have been hunting this damn Heron for months.  Everytime he hears me coming he flys away and I’m waaaay too far to get a decent shot.  We finally got him standing still and got close enough to him and this was the only halfway decent shot I could get.  It’s not very sharp but I was on a moving boat and ……well I could come up with lots of excuses but it is what it is!!!

I realized that I don’t really take a lot of shots of the spectacular sand dunes and I have asked myself why.  I think it’s because the pictures never do them justice and they all start to look similar to me.  Because I am selling greeting cards and postcards in the area I have been asked to take more of the dunes so here a few I got while away.  The clouds were amazingly puffy and white for a few days so I took full advantage of that and we had a few pretty sunsets.


The wonderful thing about this time of year in Prince Edward County is the wonderful fresh farm veggies and fruit.  There are stands on every corner but my personal fav is Foster Holme Farms.  I have never been a huge veggie lover but they always look so good that I want to eat them 🙂


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Vacation Time!!!

I am currently on vacation so I won’t have an updated post with new pics until the 18th…see you then!

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