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When the bride and groom have a ridiculously cute son, a lot of the attention goes on him!  In his little tux, with his little shoes, and his little sticky up hair 🙂

It was a great Fall day, with the threat of rain and sun peaking in and out all day.  With a fashionably late bride and a very nervous groom, the ceremony went off without a hitch, while their sweet son cooed and laughed and eventually fell asleep in his uncle’s arms.

Thanks to Amanda Arch for coming out and second shooting for me.  She did a great job and I can’t wait to go through her images.

And a huge thanks and congrats to Erika and Aaron.  It was a lot of planning and a very busy Summer for these brand new parents but it all worked out in the end and everyone looked fabulous 🙂



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Something a little different here…..a trash the dress session with the whole family!

Amanda and Wade wanted to incorporate their newly joined family into the shoot, so it was more a really fun and wet family session with their wedding clothes on!  It was so much fun.  Everybody got soaked and went completely in the water, swimming about in their best attire.  Passerbys had a chuckle 😉

The beginning…..

The end.

At the end we tried to get a ring shot since they didn’t get one on their actual wedding day.  It was dark.  It was windy.  It turned out better than I thought it would!

Thanks to all the kiddies for being sooo good and patient and brave 🙂


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No fancy names needed for this post 🙂

Right from the beginning, Carly knew she wanted to do a “trash the dress” shoot.  Of course I was totally on board!  I thought High Falls in Bracebridge would be a great location for the session.  There is usually a lot of still water pools around the falls and I figured they would be perfect for the getting wet portion of the day.  Well…..as with all falls, there are certain times, depending on rain fall and dam activity, that the falls run faster.  Needless to say, the falls were running quite fast, there wasn’t any still water and my brain was working over time trying to figure out the best way to go about this!  I have never shot a trash the dress session and it was almost like shooting my first wedding.  Lots of nerves, lots of doubt and lots of thinking!  I had to  make sure we got all the shots we wanted to before we got wet because once that happened there was no going back.  I made a quick call to see if there was a sandy beach somewhere close and I got the directions and we booted over to the beach.  The sun was fading FAST.  We all got wet.  We all were cold and Carly had to lug around a wet heavy wedding dress.  Fun times!!!!

Thanks Rob and Carly, I had so much fun! 

As you can see we didn’t actually “trash the dress” 🙂  I wish there was another name for this kind of session because I think many people are scared off by the “trashing” part.  My mom almost died when I told her what I was doing !   It’s never too late to do this kind of shoot either.  The only requirement would be…..that you still fit into your dress 😉

I get to another one tonight!  Carly’ co-worker loved the idea and we’re incorporating their 4 kids.  Should be fun!


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We live about 11 minutes from Wasaga Beach and I have never actually done a shoot there before.  I know, kinda crazy!  Not growing up in this area, I end up shooting far from home a lot and not being able to enjoy what is right in my backyard.  For this shoot we started out at Blueberry Trails and then hit the main strip for some fun.

Once in a while, you meet a family that has never had family photos done and may be a little nervous and intimidated.  Not knowing what to really expect, not knowing me personally and if we click.  This was the case with the family below.  I am so happy that we had an amazing time and got some shots that I know they will treasure forever.  “A” even started rockin’ the model poses after a while (much to Daddy’s displeasure 😉 )  By the end of it, it felt like I have known them for years and we were even planning future sessions 🙂

I truly hope you guys like your photos so far! 


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Move over Brangelina, Myry is here!

The location for this reception was just amazing.  The Grace and Speed Museum in Gravenhurst was perfect for this Muskoka loving couple who has strong ties to the region.  Despite Mother Nature’s refusal to co-operate with us, we got a little wet, a little cold and made the best out it!  Rain on a wedding day is the best of luck, no?!

You didn’t even notice that their dog ate her dress did you?  For those of you who think I’m kidding, I’m not!  2 days before the wedding their 8 month old puppy got into the dress and decided it would make a great treat.  Good news, you couldn’t even see the large hole unless pointed out and…..the dog is still alive 😉

Janet and I wish you both the best of luck, and I suggest that once you are blessed with little ones, you keep the dog away from them.  Babies are known to have wonderful scents and it’s hard to resist a nibble ot two 🙂


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The vows took place a while ago on a tiny island that means the world to Cindy and Andrew.  Unfortunately, due to the size, not everyone they wanted to invite could come.  Hence the backyard BBQ and reception for everyone!

Cindy and I used to work together at the YMCA of Midland.  We haven’t seen each other in way too long and I’m so glad we could reconnect for such a special time in her life.  Anyone who suffers through dealing with hormonal teenagers on a weekly basis create a bond that just cannot be broken 😉

Cindy’s dad, Bob, is a very talented photographer.  His black and white work is fabulous and he recently made the switch to digital after shooting and developing his own film.  The above pictures on the bottles of wine are favourite images that Andrew and Cindy chose from his collection to personalize their wine.

Not exactly what I had in mind…..

Getting better, how about we not choke your new wife out…..

That’s better 🙂

This has been passed through the family and now it is finally Cindy and Andrew’s honour to display this one of a kind piece in their home for the next year.  Then it’s straight to the Antiques Roadshow!!!!!

The Von Trapps ^^^^

Thank you to the newlyweds for having me be a part of your day.  Now, get on making those babies 😉

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Every year, a weekly visit will cement these friendships forever. 

Whew!  I got a workout following these guys around.  But with some bribery of cell phone games, pretty dresses (tutus) and trampoline jumping, we managed to get a few good ones 😉

– alyson

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