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Downtown Toronto.  University of Toronto campus.  A rare sunny and beautiful February day.  Two beautiful and kind people.  Kinda makes my day!

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Ahhhh, Ms. S.  So sweet and soft and sleepy and snuggly. 

And big sis!

And a last one for dad…..who is now officially entitled a “man room” where he can escape the estrogen for a little while 🙂

A big thank you to baby S  for being the cutest guinea pig I could have and another thanks for the adorable hats and cocoon made by the lovely and talented moma of 3, Sophie!!!!  I think we’ll have to chat about stocking me up 🙂

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Baby D is like a little man already.  With his little man chin and his little man nose and his little man Skater shoes 🙂  We were desperately trying to get him to sleep to be able to pose him a bit but at 6 weeks, that is a feat that isn’t usually successful!  The poor guy was exhausted by the time I left and quickly went to sleep, in that amazing, angelic way that newborns do.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day 🙂

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The Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery in downtown Barrie was the location for this shoot.  The owners and employees there are truly great people and I have been very fortunate getting to know them and their product.   I ended up doing some product photography for them to use for LCBO ads and the Ontario Craft Breweries website and for their own website that is currently under construction!  I walked in looking for a new indoor shooting location and walked out with one and an opportunity to do some work with this growing company.

Now, on to the flying monkeys…literally.  This shoot consisted of 4 adults, 2 four year old boys, a 3 year old boy, a 2 year old girl and an 18 month old girl.  That being said, about 2minutes after everyone said their hellos there were 2 bonked heads, a good amount of blood, some skin missing from the inside of the cheek and a some tears.  Flying monkeys was the perfect location 🙂

Introducing……The Flying Monkeys!

They may be flying monkeys but they are cute flying monkeys 🙂

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This is part one of two.  This family is great friends with regular clients of mine.  They are moving to the States for 3 years and it was decided that a photo session was in order!  I photographed the S family first, without the F clan there….and as you will learn tomorrow, there was a good reason to start off without the other kiddos there 🙂

The location is The Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery in downtown Barrie.  I’ll go into the space and how I found it a litte more tomorrow.  It has fabulous architecture and fantastic windows and I think it worked out perfectly for what we needed!

Can’t get much cuter than that, now can you?!  Even though she’s a yucky girl 😉

Have a great day, see you tomorrow!

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