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As a photographer, you get the feeling of people quickly.  You know what you can shoot, poses you can try out and whether or not it will be believable or not.

Autherine and Anthony are a photographer’s dream.  Photogenic, up for anything and extremely comfortable with themselves.  I had a really good time with them!

I won’t be shooting their wedding 😦  They are escaping and getting married in Jamaica!  I am soooo envious of the photographer that gets to capture this phenomenal couple on their wedding day.  It will gorgeous and hot and sensuous, just like them.

I wish you two all the best on your wedding day as  I sit in Ontario, dreaming of being there with you 😉

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day!


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And I have to tell you, it was more hectic in my house with only 2 kids, then it was with all of these cuties together 🙂

All these kiddies and moms belong in a play group and we got the whole gang together with dads!  (Minus one sick dad.)


Thank you all for having me 🙂

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Those eyes, those lips, those cheeks!!!!  Good enough to eat 🙂

Have a great day 🙂

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Having 2 boys almost the exact same age as these guys helps me out big time.  Lightening McQueen, Mario Bros. and throwing a ball around can get their attention but for the real laughs, one word works every time…….toot.  A simple, 4 letter word can get any boy under the age of 8 to burst into giggles.  Sometimes it’s not the fancy camera equipment, or the expensive lenses, or the props you bring with you, it’s the ability to relate to and engage the subject.  If I have to say “who tooted?” 10x and get toy balls thrown at my head to get the kids to act naturally and forget the cheesey smiles I will.  Yep, my job is hard 🙂

I always like photographing A and K and I think, as much as A wants to pretend otherwise, they like me there too 😉   I love when families get the kids’ pictures done for their birthdays.  I can’t wait to see what K and A are like when they are 10 and 6!  I’m betting, they’ll be taller, wiser and still giggling at toot jokes.

Have a great day!

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