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I totally forgot to blog this little guy in December 😮

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Moms are creatures that are rarely fully understood.  We all mother differently.  We all take on some of our own Mother’s tendencies, whether we like it or not, we all fight our Mother’s tendencies whether we like it or not.  We make decisions, not only for us but for our children.  We are judged unfairly by those who have not walked in our shoes.  We try to better ourselves for our children.  Being a Mother is the hardest job on Earth.  Being a Mom without the help of Dad is even harder.  Single Mommas have always held a special place in my heart.  It takes a selfless human being to raise a child well by themselves.

Although this beautiful little girl’s Daddy is in Heaven, she is beyond lucky to have a Mom who picked right up and continued to raise her baby the best way she knew how.  I’m so proud of them both ♥







There is something about 6 month olds that make me all squishy and teary at the insane cuteness.  Their chubbster legs, the big noggins, the new-found joy of sitting up by themselves.  Their personality is finally emgering and their smiles and giggles make your heart grow three sizes 🙂  Ugh, if only you could stunt them at that age for a year or two!



He’s very “Sir Topham Hat” ish in the image below 😉


Well, this little dude made my day and I’m so happy I got to experience him in all of his 6 month glory ♥


Little Miss T can not believe she is 1 already 😉




Imagine the surprise when she turns 30 🙂



I am so proud and excited to be featured in Wedding Trends 2013 magazine!


Click on image to be taken to the online version of the magazine.

Front cover, pg 15-18 and pg 82 are my images.

Thanks to Kristy and Brad Atkinson for having a “magazine worthy” love story ♥


Baby C made an early arrival but she’s bright eyed and bushy tailed now 😉

carmen-17 carmen-07 carmen-01

Isn’t she a sweetie?!

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Such a snuggly sweet bundle of joy ♥

aiden-07 aiden-11 aiden-20

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Oh baby G 🙂   Wide awake and ready for some fun!

grady-03 grady-06 grady-15

Big bro C-man is taking his job very seriously 😉