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Good thing my guy is so used to big fat kisses 🙂 

Hope you have a day filled with kisses, hugs and love!


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As I sit in the living room watching the snow drifts get higher and higher, I can’t help but wish it was summer and we were at the lake.

I’m actually going there this weekend for some business but I think running down the sand dunes is out of the question unless you have snow shoes!  The above pics are samples of postcards I sell in Prince Edward County.  The “County” is one of the prettiest areas of Ontario and if you have never been I highly suggest taking a trip out there this Summer.  The Sandbanks are the obvious draw but there are so many other things to see and do in the region.  The wineries in the area have been booming in the last few years and the Black River Cheese Factory rocks our socks ever year.  They have the yummiest and most unusual flavours of cheese; maple mozzeralla and salsa mozzarella to name just a few.  Antiquing in the County is also a favourite of many visitors as well as wandering the fantastic little shops and boutiques in Bloomfield.  County Treasures Galore in Bloomfield is somewhere you must go if you love fudge or if you are looking for a unique gift.  If you want to stay right on West Lake facing the magnificent sand dunes then you should definitely give Scott a shout at West Lake Willows Resort.  They are one of the closest resorts to the dunes and the views are outstanding.  You can rent cottages and if you are a fisher or a waterfowl enthusiast, Scott (who know his stuff!) does tours throughout the year which can include accomodations.  The link is www.westlakewillows.com

I could go on forever about my most fav place on Earth but I won’t!  Have a great weekend and thanks for taking the time to stop by today 🙂

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I definitely got my little girl fix in on this shoot 🙂  Three girls all under 4 and all too cute and very helpful.  Each one will make a fine photographer’s assistant one day!

P, E and K (aka number 3!) were so well behaved for me and it was really cool to see the special bond between these sisters.  I’m sure they have their rough moments, as all siblings do but you can feel the love and closeness these girls have.  Not having a sister myself and having all boys in my household, I love to see this!





Now, we didn’t have much room to work with, being Winter and dark and yucky outside but I believe I get to come back in the Summer and photograph the girls again at their Grandparents farm.  I would love to photograph them outside just running around and being girls!  I didn’t tell them this, but I am making tutus for them to wear at the shoot (for a few shots) because I think they would look just absolutely too adorable for words!  Thanks for having me over girls and we’ll see you again soon 🙂

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If you remember from a previous post I had a date with a girl named Tanga a while back.   Well, the new addition to the family has been born and I got to meet her last week.  Tanga met me at the door, very excited to see me and then she lead me to her brand new sister. 

A is such a cutie 🙂  She had a little grumpy spell which is very unusual for her but once she had a snack she was the perfect model, posing and smiling for me.  We were so lucky to be able to use a fur coat in a few of the shots.  It was handed down to A’s Dad.  It was his grandmother’s and I think those shots will become very special to the family.  And A looked fantastic on it.  It suited her colouring perfectly!  I have to say that I really enjoy going up to see L and R.  They are truly very nice people and their house is very warm and inviting….if  you can get up the driveway!





I LOVE the expression on A’s face in the third picture; too funny!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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Duo Divine

Photographing muscians for their website is something new for me and I was glad my first time was with Dawn and Darlene of Duo Divine.  I have photographed Dawn’s family before and we got along really well and Darlene is also a very easy person to talk to and to photograph. 

We had permission to shoot at The Nottawasaga Inn in Alliston which was fantastic!  I have driven by so many times but had never actually been inside.  The hour flew by and I believe we got quite a few great shots 🙂

Listening to them play while I was shooting was definitely a perk I could get used to 🙂  Dawn plays the flute while Darlene is a guitarist.  They are both very well educated in the music field and have been playing for years.  They play for all occasions including weddings, anniversaries, social engagements, private and corporate parties.  If you or anyone you know would be interested in their services you can go to their website at www.duodivine.com or call 705-424-1463.




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Oh, how little N likes to roll!  But not just any ordinary roll….no, he likes to roll back on his neck and kind of scoot with his feet and then roll from one end of the room to the other!  He had me laughing so much 🙂  N has such a great demeanor and I had a lot of fun with him and his family!  Mom’s trying for number 2 (I guess Dad is too!) so let’s keep our fingers crossed and hopefully I will see them again soon for some belly shots 🙂



Thanks for stopping by today 🙂

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I had two wee one sessions on Saturday which was fantastic!  It seems like ages since my last baby shoot.  It’s been all about booking weddings and editing other things for the past month or so. 

First up is J.  The first thing I noticed about J, as he was checking me out coming in from the car, was his gorgeous head of hair and his big brown eyes.  He’s a smart little guy too, it’s like talking to a little man!  He was having a mommy day though, so pics of him and daddy were not going to happen…..until J started playing the rock band drums and then daddy was allowed to be close to him 🙂

I also took a few quick pics of mom, dad and the little baby bump that has sprout!  Mom is expecting in the summer but we wanted to get a couple of belly shots at this stage of the pregnancy.  I can’t wait to come back and get the big belly shots and have some done with J as well.  Thank you B and S for having me over 🙂




And this last shot indicated that the shoot was over 🙂


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