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First time ever holding twins, first time ever photographing newborn twins, first time witnessing the incredible bond that twins share at the early stages of their lives.  These little girls are identical and the only way we can tell them apart is their matching “stork bite” birth marks are slightly different.  When they are together it’s easier to tell who is who but when they are separate….it takes a minute or two!  On a side note, I made the two hats they are wearing especially for them and I am SO happy that they fit!!

Big sister who is 2!

I have said it before…parents of multiples are angels.  Raising one baby at a time is hard enough.  Raising two or more is just crazy to me.  I hope mom and dad can look at these images when the girls are older and remember the quiet, sleepy, snuggly babies they once had and not just the chaos that is their daily life now 😉



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