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Hey everybody!

I’ve had a few requests for gift certificates this Christmas and I just finished designing the final product!

Soooo, they can come in any amount you wish.  If you have limits that you have to stick to you can always put money towards a session or you can purchase a whole family, baby or maternity session for $75 ($25 travel fee applies if you are outside the Simcoe County area).  It’s a great gift if I do say so myself!  I know a lot of families always talk about getting pictures taken but they, for some reason, never follow through.  Buying the gift certificate guarantees a present that will last a lifetime!  Also a great gift for Moms (wink wink Dad’s!).  Please email or call me to order one today!


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Here are a few more pics of the beautiful H fam as promised!  The last one is of the cute little Q and is probably my most fav shot of the whole shoot!

Love it Q!

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This past weekend I had the opportunity to see an old friend (yep, she’s a few months older than me!!) and meet her new little baby.  I did C’s maternity shoot back in June,

and I was soooo happy to finally meet little A!  C and I were talking and she told me she never thought she would have a girl.  She was fully prepared for another boy.  Between C and her hubby K, they have 2 boys…..so now that I’ve had 2 shoots in the last week with families that have 2 boys and then had a girl, some are trying to convince me to have another baby and try for a girl!  Not gonna happen!

We had a great shoot and I had some trouble picking out the preview shots for the blog.  So I think I’ll put a few up today and then put a few more up in a few days.  I was really excited that C wanted to try the whole fam feet shot.  I’ve wanted to try that shot for a while and it just happened to work out this time!  Even little A is in there….look for the teensy tiny toes and that’s her!  C and K are extremely photogenic and they are both funnier than funny so we ended up with a lot of great shots.  If you think you’ve seen hubby somewhere before you just may have, he’s an actor!  Mom, dad and both the boys were really chilled and carefree and I think it really shows in their shots.

More from this beautiful family a little later!

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Lil’ Sister

I met little C on Monday.  I was almost half an hour late (baaaaaaad) because I got lost…note to self, ask for a GPS for Christmas…but it was okay because C just finished her snack as I arrived!  We started to do some shooting in mom and dad’s room when I heard some strange noises from the basement.  Well, I didn’t realize that C had 2 older brothers that were being “contained” by Gramma downstairs.  So this loving household has a 3 year old, 2 year old and a 2 week old!  Whew!  Here are just a few shots from the session.

I have another shoot from the weekend to edit and I will post a preview of it tomorrow!

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Tummy Time!

Just in case you couldn’t tell….Elita is absolutely stunning.  I had a great time with her and Jason.  I hadn’t done a maternity shoot in a little bit so it was nice to get back into it.  Elita was such a trooper.  She is due any day now and was getting on the floor for me, trying new poses and not complaining about it at all!  Don’t worry, both Jason and I helped her up!  I think the last shot of her may be the best one of the lot.  She looks like a super model.  Can’t wait to do the newborn pics!!!!

Now, I don’t usually use clients names on the blog but I did this time because I wanted to get Elita’s business name out there.  Elita has her own hair salon called Girlfriends.  It’s right at Cawthra and Lakeshore in Mississauga.  Small businesses need all the help they can get these days, so if you or anyone you know is looking for a great hair salon to go to please give them a call 905-271-3842.  Elita is fantastic, down to earth and can take care of your needs!  She’ll be taking a month off for mommy time but will be back in the swing of things after Christmas.

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Thanks everyone for coming back and checking out the blog!  I have finally reached 1000 hits….never thought it would happen 🙂

I have recently started making a few changes on the blog and I will be updating it way more often.  I hope you keep coming back and I promise I will keep the posts coming!

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Had a great shoot with a family from the lake last Thanksgiving weekend.  I had a lot of fun with them and we managed to get quite a few good shots.  The weather was gorgeous all weekend, we really couldn’t have been more lucky that way.  The fall colours aren’t crazy intense on the sand dunes…for obvious reasons…not many species of trees can grow in just sand!  But there was a bit of yellow that popped out so we made the best of it 🙂 

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