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Baby R wins in the category of best snuggler of all time 🙂  My heart melted when I picked him up to move him and he automatically nestled his head into my neck…..and then I fell in love with this baby I just met!!  He certainly knows how to make a lady feel welcome in his home!

And yes, I got lots of love from Morgan the dog too 🙂




Have a great day and thanks for stopping by 🙂


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I have done quite a few shoots with the F family and every time I am there it’s raining 😦  Even when I was there in November, taking their Christmas pics…it was raining!  So it was really no surprise that as I started driving to their house….ya you guessed it, it started raining.  But not a light sprinkle, no, it was pouring.  We were really hoping to get some shots of H outside so this was not good news.  Once I got there, H had decided that he wasn’t going to get his picture taken 🙂  Mom got him to change his mind with the promise that if it stopped raining he could show me the tractor he got for his birthday!


Waiting for the rain to let up! 


Yep, that’s the tractor!  The rain stopped for a few minutes so we ran outside and let me tell you, H is a prostar when it comes to driving John Deers!  Then the sky opened up and we made a mad dash for the back door 🙂


Thanks for letting me take some pictures of you H!  I had a great time watching you on the tractor and I think you could even give some adults a lesson on how to drive 😉

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One very cold January morning I met this really cool couple while standing in line…outside, for “free” money towards photography equipment.  Momma was very pregnant but still standing outside with her man to get these gift certificates.  I love a significant other who is wiling to…stand in line in the bitter cold, drive for hours for “the” shot, not complain when all extra cash is spent on the latest photog equipment and who supports their partners passion in a very expensive and time consuming hobby 🙂  Momma fits the bill there for sure!  We got talking and it turns out that Daddy had seen my work with newborns and really liked what I did.  Dad is a photographer as well and his landscapes are really very very good.  He was going to tackle Mom’s preggo pics but wanted me to do the newborn ones.  So a few months later…here he is!




Mom K is a super talented singer.  She was singing away to T, trying to get him to crack a smile and the next picture is of the little man singing right back at Mom…too sweet.


Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic weekend 🙂

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This was definitely the best wedding experience I have had.  I always get nervous before weddings…whether I’m shooting one or attending one, I don’t know why I just do.  My own wedding though, I had absolutely no nerves…it was a walk in the park 🙂  I was particularly nervous for this one because it was the first time I couldn’t anticipate the action, I didn’t know when the important parts were coming, there were just so many unknowns for me.  A North American wedding, no matter what the religion, has predictable elements.  There’s vows, there are readings sometimes, there’s a ring exchange, there’s a kiss…you get the idea.  Although I had been briefed on what would happen at the Nikah and I had done my own research, I still had not actually seen how things would go down. 

For those of you who have never been to an Indian wedding I’ll give you a quick overview.  But keep in mind there are many different variations, as with North American weddings and this is what happened at this particular event.

There is a ton of prep work that is involved and there was a lot of North American influence because the groom and his family is from North Carolina!  We started the day at the bride’s parents house where family was coming and going and all the last minute things were frantically getting done.  This is typical of most wedding days 🙂  What’s not typical is the amount of work it takes to get the bride dressed.  Her dress has 3 parts and is very heavy because of all the jewels and the gorgeous fabrics.  It takes a few aunts to help her get ready!  And then comes the jewellery….amazing amounts of jewels and beads and gold.  All of Farhana’s pieces were commissioned by her mother right from India.  Here are just a few shots of her getting ready.




There are so many pictures I could have chosen and I always have such a hard time deciding what to post but I wanted to show the details of her jewellery.  The following are some pics from our session in Unionville and this is where you can see her gorgeous dress.







The Nikah is a proposal ceremony that takes place with the groom and family while the bride waits in her bridal suite.  She is free from pressure to accept or deny the proposal.  An Imam presided over the ceremony and then he took the bride’s father and her brothers up to Farhana to either accept or reject the proposal (just in case you’re wondering she accepted!)  When all the signing is done the bride comes downstairs with her mother, girl cousins and family to meet with the groom.  The Imam then does some counselling and pronounces them man and wife.  I have tried to remember everything but if I have gotten something wrong , left out an important detail or mixed something up, please correct me 🙂








I want to thank the Anderson’s and the Khan’s for being so welcoming and making Janet and I feel like guests at the wedding.  Everyone was so kind and helpful and we really appreciate it.

I honestly loved working with Farhana and Kevin.  They are what you would classify as “good people”!  And it was so refreshing to see how much in love they are and how this event was truly the combining of two families and the celebration of their love ♥

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“Wow”.  I think that is the only word I can find appropriate enough to describe this past weekend.  So many firsts for me, lots of shooting in a little time period and an experience I will not soon forget.  I would like to thank the Khan family for making Janet and I feel so welcome and a huge thank you to Farhana and Kevin for having the faith in us to shoot such a special and sentimental time in their lives.   They knew I had never photographed a traditional Muslim wedding before but they assured me I would be fine and it was more than fine!

Traditionally, before the Nikah (the proposal ceremony the day of the wedding), there is a Mehndi ceremony where family and close friends gather and celebrate.  There is plenty of food (another first for me…and it was delicious!), lots of colours and the bride and the women guests get henna done by the extremely talented henna artists hired to be there.  I got some henna done as well…yet another first, and it amazes me how fast they are and how talented and artistic the girls have to be.  The designs are so intricate and the henna is unforgiving as far as mistakes go so just like tattooing you have to be right the first time 🙂  There was also a point in the evening where Kevin and Farhana were showered with  garlands, fed different foods and much more.  This was all done by female relatives.

I had such a good time and learned so much.  It’s very hard to choose which pictures to post but I did decide to post a few more of Kevin then Farhana only because I have waaay more of her from the wedding day then I do of him 🙂  It is all about the ladies on the wedding day right?!


This was the stage that the future bride and groom sit on while the festivites are going on.  Gorgeous colours and fabrics….and yes this one is a swing!




Farhana hidden away, getting the final touches put on her.  I forget what the jewel that hangs from the bride’s hair, onto her forehead is called, if anyone can help me out with this, that would be great 🙂  So many new words, I have forgotten some already!







                                                                                                                                                                                                                             web10This was fantastic!!!!







   web12And then he pulled Kevin up…….


he fits right in!





This was a priveledge to shoot and I hope it won’t be my last Indian wedding.


Thanks for stopping by!  I’ll have pictures of the wedding ceremony tomorrow 🙂

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