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With the slow season upon us, I have finally had some time to get to some of my own family photos.  Going through the year and the pictures I have taken of the kids, I have realized a few things. 

1.  I don’t take enough pictures of my own children.  I blame this entirely on them 🙂  As soon as I pull the camera out they either run away or put their best cheese smiles on, and I believe they do this solely to mess with me.  This year, I will make a point of doing more candids of them.  If you listen hard, you will hear my family give a little cheer.  I constantly get gentle and not so gentle reminders that people need new pics of the kids.  Yes, Gramma, it’s coming, I promise!

2. The kids grow too fast.  Old cliché but entirely true.  Especially the littlest monkey.  It’s sickening to think I won’t have my boys to snuggle with me much longer.  I will always try to snuggle but I suppose their future wives may have  a problem with the mother in law crawling into bed for a goodnight squeeze.

3. My husband hates his picture being taken so I try to do it as often as I can.  Going through 2009 pics I have many many pictures of my husband’s hand over his face, hand in front of my camera or a certain finger giving me a warm welcome.  If it’s not the hand or finger it’s his tongue sticking out or the tough guy, lean to one side and make love to the camera look.  Neither of which are suitable for anyone’s eyes but mine.

4. I think I am in a total of 4 pictures from all of 2009.  I need to get over myself and start letting others document our lives with our children.  I hear many moms say the same thing.  I also hear many moms say that the only reason it has been forever since family pictures is because they hate the way they look.  Whether it’s an age thing or never losing the baby weight thing.  You and I need to get over it.  We need to be able to look back and see us with our families and let the kids know that we care more about them and their future memories in pictures then the roll that appears when we sit down.  Or in my case, when I’m standing too, it just gets bigger when I sit. 

So,  here are a few pics of my monkeys at Christmas.  I thougth I’d add a few of them with my mother in law, their Oma.  She doesn’t have a computer but she would be happy just knowing I put them on here.

Have a great weekend 🙂


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Big “N” and little “n” were too cute 🙂  Little bro was talking away in his own little 6 month old language to his big sis…it was absolutely precious.  You can see the love so clearly.  Beautiful family.  Thank you for having me, I hope you enjoy your sneak peek 🙂





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Happy Birthday Little Monkey!

One year ago today the youngest little man in the house was born!  It’s such a cliche to say that time flies but it is absolutely true.  I can’t believe A is one year old, walking, saying “oh oh”…but he still has NO TEETH!  He is such a good little boy with a sweet demeanor and I can’t wait to see what he’s like when he’s 2.  Happy birthday baby boy we love you!



I’ll add a 1 year photo of A later today…after we take the big guy to school 🙂

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Ty’s first day of school!

Yesterday was Ty’s first day of school.  We have been prepping him for this for what seems like forever.  I think you can do all the talking about school that you want but when the day actually comes, all the talk goes out the window and you are left with one nervous little boy.  He woke up at 3am that morning and couldn’t fall back to sleep until 4:30.  So adding exhaustion to the list of first day of school jitters probably didn’t help any 😉

"I can hardly walk" backpack

Ready to go!

Ready to go!

Okay....NOT so ready!

Okay....NOT so ready!


Notice the pure look of terror on the poor boys face! 

He had a pretty good day though.  Much better then another little boy who was having a major meltdown so I think we did okay!  When I picked him up (I was counting the minutes all day) I gave him a huge hug and asked how his day went and he said “really good mommy” and then I asked the teacher how his day was and she looked at me…and I knew.  “He had a bit of a rough day” she said.  So we took him out to dinner to celebrate and genlty coaxed some more details out of him.  He said they sang songs, did the chicken dance and played outside.  He said he cried for us in the playground because he missed us and that he threw sand at his new friend Andrew….way to make a good first impression kiddo!  I asked if he threw the sand in his face and he said “NOOOO mommy I threw it on his belly”, “did he like that?”, “no not really mommy”, “did he tell the teacher on you?”, “I think so mommy”, “did you say sorry”, “yes mommy”, “DON”T do that again okay buddy”, “Okay mommy….yay my pasta is here!”

I guess it could’ve been worse……

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The Real Ty

At the Sandbanks this weekend I wanted to try and get some shots of Ty.  Lately he has not been very helpful in the modelling department….

Ty says “no momma roo I don’t want you to take any more pictures of me EVER!” 

I say “well Darling, that is NOT going to happen…so you can either be nice and do what I ask you to or not, but either way I WILL take pictures of you until the day I die!”

He says with great impatience and boredom in his voice “okay mommy, just take them”

And the above is what I got!

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My youngest son, has a new past time….sticking out his tongue!  He will sit there for a half an hour with it out and God knows what flys in there around here.  It cracks me up every time!  I tried to get some nice shots of him yesterday and he wouldn’t put the darned thing back in…oh well, it’s cute!

I need to figure out an easy way to put a watermark on the pics.  That, I will try to learn tonight…..one thing at a time!!!!

Not sure why the pics are so small, I’ll need to fix that somehow too 🙂

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