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My Canon 50D finally arrived last night….thanks to my fabulous brother in law for going out in a snow storm to pick it up for me 🙂

I love my little Rebel XTi but it has a focusing problem and needs to go in for repair.  So, I thought this would be the perfect time to upgrade and add a back up camera to the arsenal.  Now the XTi is my new back up and the 50D will be my prime camera.  It’s a great camera with a new processor, 15 megapixels, more focusing points….I could go on but I won’t!

On Saturday, the K family will be the first lucky ones to have a session done with the new camera!


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Indoor shoots are not my favourite to do.  But when it is freezing outside and people have little ones, we don’t have much of a choice!  The P fam would have really liked to do something outside but it wasn’t going to happen so Momma thought of a perfect, fun alternative.  She bought matching red jammie bottoms for the whole fam, got a couple of comfy white shirts and ta da, they were the cutest sight I have seen in a while! 



Christmas toes!!!!


High school sweeties = sweet babies 🙂



More from the P clan in a few days!

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On the weekend I had a shoot with the W family who live on Base Borden.  Daddy is in the military and they are posted there until next year.  I haven’t been to Borden in a few years but any time I go there I get an overwhelming feeling.  It amazes me that there are so many young men and women who are selfless enough to fight for our country and for other people’s freedoms.  Thank goodness for these people and what they do for us.

Poor little P was pretty sick for the shoot, so I’m going to go back in the Spring for a little mini re-shoot so they can get some really nice outside shots of all the kids nice and healthy 🙂





I was so proud of the little guy.  He did such a good job on hardly any sleep and not feeling up to par.  I didn’t post any family pics as to not ruin their Christmas cards!!!  I’m looking forward to shooting you guys again in the Spring 🙂

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Big Mac

For some reason, this little girl gets to me.  She gets me all goo goo and I have to say that she is one of my favourite babies besides my own.  M makes me smile and she is so good natured and chilled.  My littlest one was all over her.  He thought she was the greatest thing since homo milk!  He wanted to eat her, poke her eyes out and stick his entire hand in her mouth.  Poor girl was taking it like a champ though!  I grabbed some shots of her for Momma and these are my favs.  



M is just learning how to sit up all by herself!!!  Her Mom has some pretty good reflexes, she caught her most of the time!


I love how you can see how hard she’s trying to stay up 🙂


Had to get the booty shot…her little sweater dress just did not want to stay down where it was supposed to!

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Little Miss A

I met little A yesterday and she greeted me with a big ol’ smile at the door.  She’s a very happy, content baby but when we started the shoot she wanted to smile at anyone but me!  I think it may be the big black scary thing I have to hold in front my face.  She wasn’t unhappy at all but there was no way she was going to look directly at me and show me those pretty gums of hers!  So mom played peek a boo with her from the side and we got some really nice shots of her I think.  Whatever works right!  Oh, and she got really excited when mom turned some music on for her and started dancing.  It was very cute.  The B household may have a future Dancing With The Stars competitor on their hands!





I see a lot of mom in A in the last one.  She was looking up at mommy and I love how you can feel how much she loves her just by the look in her eyes!

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I had the extreme pleasure of meeting a lovely couple on the weekend and their beautiful German Shepherd Tanga!  Tanga is almost two and one of the most well behaved and well trained dogs I have ever met.  She has such a good demeanor and I think she’ll be a great second mom to the little bundle that will be arriving at the B household soon.  L and R were great to shoot….really relaxed, really in love and ready for anything!  The shoot was supposed to be 1 hour and I ended up staying 2!  I think I may have been chatting a little too much 🙂  Here are some shots from the day…..can’t wait to meet the little peanut when he/she makes their debut…right around Christmas!






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It took a while but here it is!!

Until December 10th, 2008, we are offering a 1 hour photo session, 25 Christmas cards and envelopes and 2 full resolution CDs/DVDs for only $80!!!!  The session can be the whole family, just the kids, heck, just the dog if you want!  If you need more then 25 cards, we can just add the extra expense into the package price.  A $25 travel fee will apply to those of you outside the Simcoe County area.  We have a few different card templates but the one below seems to be the most popular.  If it’s not your cup of tea let me know and we can find something else for you.  I can write your message on the card electronically or you can use your own hand writing with any photo safe fine tip marker.


Enlargements from the session are a great gift for relatives and friends and can be done so easily from your high resolution CD/DVD.  The image quality is fantastic and can be enlarged to a 16×20 if needed.

 We have a limited amount of booking times available so if you are interested please call or email me as soon as you can to set up a time!

If you know anyone that may be interested in booking please pass this along!

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