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Ahhhhhh, prom.  Went to two of them when I was in high school.  One was great, one was full of the typical high school drama that exists in those days (and unfortunately crosses over in adulthood at times).  I remember the dress shopping (both left until the very last minute), the organizing, the anticipation of seeing everyone dressed their best.  As with most people, I look back and wish  had done things a little differently.  I wish I hadn’t cared so much about what others thought of me and my friends.  I wish I had taken advantage of being young and carefree.  I wouldn’t want to re-live my prom but I would take a “do-over” for sure.  I wouldn’t change my dress decisions, they weren’t hideous at all.  I wouldn’t have changed my hair, it was the best it was going to get.  What I would love to change is the dynamic of our group of friends.  Looking back, I realize I had a really great group of friends.  Things got messy as they often do, and I wish we had let it all go and had one last perfect night.  We all spent so many years together growing up and exploring our new found freedoms and personalities.  Most of us are parents now and have matured (somewhat!) and thanks to social media, you get to see how these young men and women grew into these amazing adults with businesses of their own and  mini versions of themselves running around.  One of our friends committed suicide a few years ago.  Although I hadn’t seen him in years, it still was very shocking and I think about him all the time.  When something like that happens, it makes you even more grateful for the time you got to spend with them.  He was a fun, loving, tortured young man who died too soon. 

My wish for Jessica is that she cherishes her time in high school and stays in touch with the special people who have helped shape who she is today.  I wish her the best of luck in college and will be cashing in on the massages she will have to practise 🙂  High school can the best of times, the worst of times, but more often than not, a little bit of both.  And that’s okay.  Because without the bad, you will never learn how life is really going to be 😉



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This mom and dad work in the business of facts….

Fact.  I’ve never actually been to Rockwood, ON before.  I have driven by, maybe driven through, know people from there but I don’t recall ever “seeing” it.

Fact.  Rockwood Conservation Area is absolutely gorgeous.  I was stunned to see the ruins of the old mill and the “potholes” made from the glaciers.  I only got to see a tiny bit of the are but I WILL be returning.

Fact.  Ontario never ceases to amaze me.  As I get older, I am appreciating my province more and more.  We are incredibly lucky to live in such a great place. 

Fact.  This family makes me happy 🙂  They are honest to goodness “good people” who make me smile. 

Have a great long weekend fellow Canucks 🙂


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Perfect little baby!  It was so very nice to snuggle this handsome little man 🙂

Thanks baby R for being wonderful!


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I had braces when I was a teenager.  I was 15 and just started going out with my high school boyfriend.  I was mortified.  I hated them.  They hurt, they were annoying and I had to cut up pizza to be able to eat it!!!  The wonderful thing about braces is that they come off 🙂  I was 17, still had the boyfriend and could now eat pizza like a normal person and run my tongue across my teeth without ending up bleeding.  It was the best feeling ever!

Miss P also got her braces off a little while ago and I have to say,  she’s got a pretty kickin’ smile 😉  She did it the right way though….get them on and off before high school starts!

Have a great day!


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Every year he’s growing more handsome.  Every year he surprises me with his new found talents.  Every year he gets more comfortable and relaxed with me.  Every year I look forward to shooting his birthday session…it is one of my favourite things 🙂

Happy birthday H!!! 


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I am honoured to have been a part of a fantastic fundraiser benefiting the Daisy’s Eye Cancer Fund this past Saturday.  The Lesage family hosted a tutu tea party to raise awareness and funds for a devastating childhood eye cancer called Retinoblastoma (Rb).  Chris and Krista’s little girl Lauren was diagnosed with this cancer at the age of 6 months and are still battling this monster.  Early detection is the key to saving a child’s life and eye sight.  A common early sign is a white pupil, like a cat’s eye, that can be seen in low light or flash photography.  Daisy’s Eye Cancer Fund’s vision is the end of avoidable blindness and suffering from childhood eye cancer.

Lauren is now 3 years old, as she will proudly tell you.  She is brilliant, inquisitive and adorable.  She is not just a child with cancer, she is so much more.  She is full of life and positivity and is an incredible example of how one little girl can change your life.  She has influenced me to see life in a more positive light and she has grabbed a place in my heart with her genuine smile and unbelievable bravery.  There is nothing more unfair in life than a child with cancer.  Actually, there is.  What is even more unfair is not having the resources or information to fight this disease.  Many families around the world cannot afford nor have the proper information to save their child’s sight.  Daisy’s Eye Cancer Fund helps these families and helps spread the message of Rb.

I urge all photographers to take a few minutes while editing their sessions to pay special attention to their subject’s eyes.  Eyes can tell you so many things about a person.  The eyes can also tell you whether they have cancer.  Any kind of odd colouring or difference between a child’s eyes can be a sign of something wrong.  If we, as a profession, can get behind this cause and help even one person become aware of Retinoblastoma then we have done a world of good.  People need to know that a “cat’s eye” not “red eye” in a photo is NOT common and should be checked out immediately.  Our cameras are used to make people happy and preserve memories of our life but they can also prevent a child from blindness.  Please take note of anything out of the ordinary in a child’s eye(s).  It can mean a world of sight and colour, instead of black and darkness.

Lauren and her friend Jorja hugging it out 🙂

Group photo….kind of 😉

A real life ballerina came to show the girls some ballet moves!!

Tea time!

Let’s take this party outside girls!

Happy girl 🙂

This is what we are fighting for.  For Lauren and all children with Retinoblastoma to see the love and happiness they bring to their parents. 

I want to give a HUGE thanks to my mom for making these gorgeous tutus!  She spent hours making them perfect and without her I would not have been able to get it done.  The girls’ faces when they saw them and seeing them prancing around in their ballerina outfits was priceless.  Thank you Mom ♥

Also, thank you to everyone who ordered a Daisy hat from me.  I have been and continue to crochet for hours to get them done and we were able to add a good amount to the total money raised from this event.

Linda Lesage, Chris’ mom, was key in organizing this event.  She offered her beautiful home and worked endlessly with Krista to make this event successful.

Chris and Krista, thank you for allowing me to be a part of this day.  You two are the definition of great parents and I hope we have many many years of raising money together 🙂

And finally, to Lauren.  Thank you for being the magnificent child you are.  Thank you for inspiring so many others with your struggles but most of all inspiring us with your life.  You are full of life and love and smiles.  You have been through more in 2 and a half years than any person should have to in their lifetime.  You are wise beyond your years and I look forward to helping you help others for years to come.  Thank you Lauren ♥


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The title says it all…I don’t think I have much to add to that!

Not only is this girl stunning, she is super sweet, plays video games and plays piano.  Well rounded and an absolute pleasure to photograph 🙂


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