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This time of year is notoriously slow.  A good time for organizing my heap of unorganized mess.  Update client files.  Back up all my files.  Book lots of meetings for 2010 weddings.  Have a few shoots inbetween to keep me sane 🙂 

I thought this year I would do a best of 2009 series, to keep the blog updated.  I’d love your opinion or take on the photos, or suggestions about future ones. 

I’ll start with my favourite ring shots of the year.  You will wear these rings forever but it is rare that they will be side by side again and as the years wear on, so do your rings.  They’ll never look as new and clean and magical as the first day you put them on.  I love taking pictures of the rings!

1.  Deb and Greg’s rings against the old stone work turned out great I think.  Greg surprised Deb with a new and improved engagement ring as a romantic gift and I think it turned out beautifully. 

2.  Ring shots taken outside are at times difficult for me. Too much light is usually the problem, then if it’s windy that can create a few problems as well.  No matter what, I must ensure nothing happens to those rings!  They mean everything to the new couple and one “oops” from me could be disasterous.  As much as you want to get creative and try new things, the first thing on my mind at all times is, will this be safe for the rings.  This shot is a bit contrasty for my liking due to high, strong sun but I really like the rainbow flare of the diamond.

3. Just a simple, in the box shot.  I don’t do many ring shots in the box they come in.  Mostly because I don’t usually like the boxes!  I just like  the composition of this shot and the little pop of colour.

4.  Couches.  Couches can be amazing backdrops!  I often use the couch cushions for ring, flower, shoe shots.  They can provide a simple or patterned background and they can give you a touch of texture and colour when you need it.

5. Try it, you may like it.  Sam I Am had great advice and as I have grown older I have learned to take that advice as often as I can.  I knew Greer was a great Boxer and I knew he would probably lay down for me for a bit but I wasn’t sure how this would turn out.  I thought it could be cool or it could look ridiculous.  Greer is a very important part of Mike and Ashley’s life and I wanted to include him in some photos.  Instead of the usual photos of the dog with the bride, I thought I’d try Greer with the rings.  I would not suggest this unless a) the dog is VERY well behaved b) mom or dad of the dog is close by c) you can give it a few tries, as rings don’t like to stay still sometimes and c) you’re a relative of the groom and if the dog eats the rings, you won’t mind helping “find” them once they make their way out 🙂


6. I can’t really explain why I like this one, I just do.

7. I DO know why I like this one.  I think it’s soft, pretty, sensual and delicate.

8. Yes, I know it is very similar to number 1 but I love this picture because of the rings themselves, not necessarily the photo.  When couples put  a lot of thought and care into the design and purchase of their rings, it moves me.  So in turn, the image moves me.

9. I like this engagement ring shot because of the colours and the texture of the paint that shows up when using my magnificent macro lens!

10. I love this one.  It’s at West Lake, the reflection is perfect and the colours and texture of the sand is fantastic.

Hope you enjoyed part 1 🙂  Now I’m off to excerise so I can once again wear my own engagement ring.


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With the slow season upon us, I have finally had some time to get to some of my own family photos.  Going through the year and the pictures I have taken of the kids, I have realized a few things. 

1.  I don’t take enough pictures of my own children.  I blame this entirely on them 🙂  As soon as I pull the camera out they either run away or put their best cheese smiles on, and I believe they do this solely to mess with me.  This year, I will make a point of doing more candids of them.  If you listen hard, you will hear my family give a little cheer.  I constantly get gentle and not so gentle reminders that people need new pics of the kids.  Yes, Gramma, it’s coming, I promise!

2. The kids grow too fast.  Old cliché but entirely true.  Especially the littlest monkey.  It’s sickening to think I won’t have my boys to snuggle with me much longer.  I will always try to snuggle but I suppose their future wives may have  a problem with the mother in law crawling into bed for a goodnight squeeze.

3. My husband hates his picture being taken so I try to do it as often as I can.  Going through 2009 pics I have many many pictures of my husband’s hand over his face, hand in front of my camera or a certain finger giving me a warm welcome.  If it’s not the hand or finger it’s his tongue sticking out or the tough guy, lean to one side and make love to the camera look.  Neither of which are suitable for anyone’s eyes but mine.

4. I think I am in a total of 4 pictures from all of 2009.  I need to get over myself and start letting others document our lives with our children.  I hear many moms say the same thing.  I also hear many moms say that the only reason it has been forever since family pictures is because they hate the way they look.  Whether it’s an age thing or never losing the baby weight thing.  You and I need to get over it.  We need to be able to look back and see us with our families and let the kids know that we care more about them and their future memories in pictures then the roll that appears when we sit down.  Or in my case, when I’m standing too, it just gets bigger when I sit. 

So,  here are a few pics of my monkeys at Christmas.  I thougth I’d add a few of them with my mother in law, their Oma.  She doesn’t have a computer but she would be happy just knowing I put them on here.

Have a great weekend 🙂

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It was great to get back into the swing of things after a much needed break for the holidays!  

I had driven by this house many times and always wondered who lived there.  You see, Dad collects things.  Wonderful things.  Wonderful photography proppy (see how I just made that word up?!) things.  Now, he doesn’t use them for photography props but that’s all my eyes could see!  They have an old Texaco gas station mock up in the backyard with his garage where he does body work and it is fabulous.  I have seen these set ups before and some do it right and others, well, they mean well but it just doesn’t cut it.  This is by far the BEST set up I have seen.  Everything looks new, it looks authentic and it’s all I have been thinking about since I got home from the session 🙂  It was a wee bit chilly to be photographing outside but we’ll do some photos out there once the weather gets nicer .

Back to the kiddies!  Baby J and his super big sis M did an awesome job.  Mom has a lot of antique wood in the house and it was the perfect backdrop for most of the photos.  Baby J is a month old now and he was so co-operative.  Once a baby is past the 10 day mark they start to stretch and can’t really be positioned into the curly newborn poses that are desired at that young age but J was a trooper and he curled as much as he could and he slept at the right times and was awake at the right times.  AND I got to rock a newborn again 🙂

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by 🙂

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