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These were picked up from the agency as well.  I did a previous post on C and K and the Summer stock shoot we did and it has paid off!  We’ll be doing another one this Summer for sure 🙂




Searching for diamond bits for a drill today…wish me luck 🙂


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I have found a gorgeous new store that I now love and spend way too much money at called Bead Girl.  It’s in downton Toronto at Yonge and Eglington and it is full of beads, crystals, findings, everything you could possibly need or want to make your own jewelry.  Arlene and the staff at Bead Girl are fabulous and will help you create that special piece or just help you figure out what you want without you even knowing it.  The first time I went I did not bring my camera inside….but the second time I did 🙂  All the colours and textures just get my shutter finger itching and I could have spent hours just photographing but alas I had to learn about wiring for an upcoming project I’m trying out.  (More to come on that later!)  Here are a few shots from that day.  And if you ever want to whip up a fantastic piece of jewelry, visit Bead Girl for sure, you will NOT be disappointed 🙂






Have a great day 🙂

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Ahhhhh, maple syrup season is upon us and as far as I can tell it should be a great year for it.  Nice and cool at night and warmer sunny days.  For the past 3 years we have taken Ty to the Sweet Festival at the Wye Marsh (last year was Ozzy’s first year, he was 2 months!) and every time Ty has a great time.  You get to take a horse and wagon ride to the front entrance of the Marsh and once inside there are so many things to do.  Reptile shows and crafts are inside and then outside you can walk the trails, visit the swans, feed the chickadees and see maple syrup being made!  There’s a huge sugar shack where you can go inside and they walk through the entire process of making the syrup.  The Wye Marsh is in Midland, ON and is an outstanding place for young and old to learn about nature and wetlands and they have over 30 kilometers of walking trails. 

Here are a couple of shots from last years festival that the stock agency picked up last month.  (What’s the use of having kids if you can’t exploit them, right :))






Not the most fab pics ever but I am quickly learning to shoot everything I can because it may pay off in the long run!  You never know who will be interested in your shots and what they will want to buy.

Have a super day 🙂

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Here are a few more shots the stock agency bought a few weeks ago.  Some are old favourites of mine……some were a surprise!






On the weekend I booked a last minute wedding for May 2nd of this year.  They will be having a traditional Muslim wedding with 300 guests.  She is Muslim, he is from North Carolina!  So a mixing of the worlds indeed.  I am soooooo excited about it as I have never shot an Indian wedding before but I know that the colours and the jewels are extrordinary.  I also cannot wait to photograph the henna F will have gotten done at her Mehndi party.  It was great meeting both F and C and I am researching everything I possibly can for you guys!!!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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I got a very decent buy from the stock agency a little while ago and thought I would post just a few of the ones they bought.




And this last one is for all the people with a sweet tooth out there 😉


I can’t imagine eating one of these (no I have NEVER eaten a candy apple in my life!) but this store in Niagara Falls sell a ton of them.  I just thought they looked pretty!  These were actually behind glass…..a little tip, if you want to shoot through glass, like a display or a car window,  put your lens right up against the glass, that way the camera can still autofocus!  It should be like the glass isn’t even there.

Thanks to everyone who signed releases for me and did stock shoots with me this past year.  I think it paid off for everyone!

Thanks for stopping by…..HAPPY SPRING!!!!!   🙂

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Okay, SNOW BE GONE!!!!!!  More of the white stuff fell last night and it’s starting to get to me.  It was so nice to get a tiny taste of Spring a few days ago and then BAM, freezing rain, high winds and then snow squalls yesterday….sigh 😦

So to keep me from going insane I have been thinking of all things Spring and I recently got a great buy from the stock agency which included a few shots that I took at last years Tulip Festival in beautiful Ottawa.  What signifies Spring more then tulips???  Okay, maybe daffodils but I don’t have any daffodil shots so tulips it is!!!  I have a love affair with tulips.  I love buying them, photographing them…..they just make me happy 🙂  They are one of those flowers you can photograph from bud to full bloom to the almost dead stage and you can still get great pics.  There are endless possibilities in angles, light, colours of these gorgeous flowers and I could spend and have spent HOURS just on one set of tulips.  My husband and anyone else who is not a photographer thinks that’s crazy but once I get engrossed with something time flies and the next thing you know it’s too late to make dinner and we have to eat out 🙂


I have wanted to go to the annual Tulip Festival in Ottawa for years and I finally made it there last year with my mom and the little Oz Man when he was about 4 months old.  I knew I would be in heaven and we could not have picked a better day to go.  It was sunny but not too sunny, it was busy but not too busy, it was perfect.  We actually ran out of time, I didn’t even get to the park at Parliament Hill, but we certainly had time for a wander through the famous downtown market and had a latte at one of the sidewalk cafes….yummo!   So I will have to go back this year and hit that section up. 


The festival this year is from May 1st – 18th.  So the best time to go really depends on the weather preceding the event.  If it’s been unusually warm then going earlier is okay but if not then waiting until towards the end of the festival is better for full blooms.  You can check out the “tulip meter” on the official website of the festival at www.tulipfestival.ca .


People from all over the world come to Ottawa for the Tulip Festival to see the literally millions upon millions of tulips.  There is a whole very interesting history of the festival and to this day Holland donates a certain amount of bulbs to the festival every year.  I think Ottawa is a very pretty city and I love it more every time I visit, which isn’t often enough.  But I have to say, I don’t think it could ever look as spectacular as it does then when the tulips are in bloom and all the people are mulling around taking pictures, enjoying the outdoors.


So, hang in there my fellow Canucks who are desperately waiting for Spring to arrive, these views are not too far away….hopefully 😉


Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

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A and K are about the same age as my guys and it was kinda cool to see how they are very similar yet so different from each other.  A is a very cool JKer, who, like Ty, loves playing DS and playing with his little brother.  He seems very laid back and he did an awesome job at the shoot.  He really tried to get K involved and he watched a lot when K was getting his pics done.  K and my Ozzy are very much alike.  Both have no fear and can take any lickin’ the older boys give them!  K was not shy at all and I think he had a lot of fun with the white backdrop!  Very busy these boys are 🙂






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