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Big “N” and little “n” were too cute 🙂  Little bro was talking away in his own little 6 month old language to his big sis…it was absolutely precious.  You can see the love so clearly.  Beautiful family.  Thank you for having me, I hope you enjoy your sneak peek 🙂






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:::Model Releases:::

I thought I would take the time today to update the blog finally!  The Tame household has not been so “tame” lately and everything was put on the back burner 😦

There will be no pics today but instead I’m going to take this opportunity to remind all photographers to always get their model and property releases signed.  If you have any intentions of possibly selling your photographs and there is a recognizable face in your photo you NEED a model release for it.  Now some people are thinking…..what are the chances that this particular person is actually going to see their picture somewhere…..it does happen!!!  Whether it’s Auntie Jo in Arkansas or Grampa Len in Guelph, someone may see that picture and then you and the company that bought from you may be liable for using it without permission.  Properties are a little more tricky but it’s always just safer to get the release.  And don’t just take people on their word.  They could change their mind down the road or be confused and not really understand your intentions.  With the signed release you are 100% covered and there can never be any question on whether you have permission to sell the photograph or not. 

I recently ran into this problem with a property.  I had a picture that I submitted for stock and was asked if I had a release for it.  I honestly didn’t think I needed one because my intentions and focus was to shoot the flowers in the park across the street from the house, with the house only being in the background.   No identiftying features (ie, house number or a street sign) were evident and I thought it was okay.  I went to huge lengths to get the address and phone number of the resident of the house and after much searching I found it and I got verbal permission to use the photograph.  I sent a release for the resident to sign and it turns out he had changed his mind.  Now I have to tell back pedal.  In the end it was no one’s fault but my own.  I should have had a release signed before even submitting but I didn’t and I got burned.  At least it was caught before it was used and I didn’t get sued.  But, this is a lesson for anyone who sells their photos.  You know you need the release…so get it 🙂

There are plenty of releases online.  Some are better then others.  It’s always best to use one that really covers you, the photographer, the most. 

Thanks for coming by….it won’t be so long until the next update!

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Wow, time flies!  C has turned into a little person all of a sudden, instead of the sleepy newborn she was 6 months ago.  We were worried we didn’t get many smiley pics but I think we did alright 🙂





And, as is usually the way, C let me know when the shoot was over 😉


On that note…….have a great day!!

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