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So I am officially done for the holidays!  No more shoots until the New Year!  I met with this family yesterday and as usual they were a lot of fun.  I have really been lucking out with such wonderful clients lately.  The two kiddos were great.  The little girl J is such a lovely young lady, very polite, very talented and ready for the camera at every turn!  She dances and is learning her first instruments (mom is a musician).  Her little brother A was starting to feel  under the weather and we could actually see him getting sicker as the shoot went on.  Despite all of that he did an excellent job!  For them, I wish that everyone is NOT sick for Christmas!!!







Merry Christmas to all and I will be back after the holidays 🙂


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Visit With Santa

Just a quick post about the boys’ visit with Santa.  The Santa at our mall is awesome.  He has a real beard and is excellent with the kids.  I thought the little man would have a hairy fit when I put him on Santa’s lap but I was pleasantly surprised!  He got a little squirmy but all Santa did was start singing Jingle Bells really softly and he calmed right down….now that’s a Santa!!!!  I never buy the Santa picks for 2 reasons….I’m cheap and I find it hard because the pictures aren’t usually very good.  This year I had to get it though.  The picture turned out great so I got over my cheapness and bought one!


I just love the way that A is looking at Santa and the big guy is looking at A….you see why I broke down and bought?!

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This little guy was my last session.  C only had a half hour nap that day but he was as good as gold for the shoot!  He had his rocker guitar shirt on so I knew he was cool right away….and then I saw that Daddy actually plays guitar.  So Dad brought out the good Gibson for him and C to play.  It was super cute seeing C with the guitar.  He was strumming the strings and everything.  Mom and Dad, watch out!  A cutie like that, who can play guitar too, the girls will be pounding down the door soon  🙂





I personally LOVE this one!  His tiny little hand on the guitar is just precious.


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Warm and Cozy

Little A was up next on the Alliston tour!  She greeted me with big smiles and I knew we were going to get quite a few good shots.  A has such great facial expressions!  We went into the living room for the shoot and it was so warm and cozy with the fireplace going and lovely little A being all smiles.  Mom had a few outfits ready and they were all tooo cute but A was happiest out of the dresses and in her diaper, rolling around on the sheep skin rug in front of the fireplace!  This little one certainly had me laughing a lot.






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Yesterday was a busy busy day for me!  First up is T.  T is a 9 month old cutie pie who is on the move.   Sit still…..who me?  It was a lot of fun to shoot her and I got a workout at the same time.  Poor Koda (the dog) was waiting paitently for us to finish so she could come in….she was being barky yesterday for some reason!  When she did come in we got a few shots of her as well.  She is such a good puppy.  T was having a snack and kept putting it near Koda’s mouth for her to have a bite and Koda would never take it.  Unbelievable!  Our dog would have that treat gone so fast he wouldn’t even have tasted it.  It was very cute!




Okay, the Santa hat may have been just a little toooo big 🙂



Aren’t the markings on her face beautiful??  And look at the size of her paws…she’s going to be a big girl!

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I had a lot of fun with these kiddos!  They are the neice and nephew of another friend I have re-connected with.  I did some shots for Christmas and some shots for stock as well.  D and A were such good sports and would try anything for me.  So, they were the hams of the day and little M is the sweet potato, mostly because it takes all my strength not to eat her!  I took newborn pics of M about 6 months ago and I haven’t seen her since.  She looks exactly the same, except bigger and more edible which I didn’t think was possible.  Here are just a few from the shoot.  I will post some more later 🙂






Tell me you don’t want to nibble on those cheeks!!!

I have a REALLY busy day tomorrow…..3 shoots all in the same neighbourhood.  Alliston moms rock!

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My photography business has put me back in touch with so many people.  Over the years you lose contact with old friends for various reasons but mostly just because life seems to get in the way.  I have been very fortunate to be able to get back in contact with people that were once close to me by doing something I love so much.  I think it is so cool when I can photograph old friends in their new lives.  I love meeting and seeing friends new husbands and wives and especially their children.  It’s amazing to see these friends’ eyes in their kids.   The girls below are all from a girlfriend that used to live in the same apartment as my family.  We went to school together from grade 1 but lost touch just after college (except for one outing that involved another friend, N’s mom and a seedy bar!!!).  Seeing N’s little girls is kind of surreal.  When you’re young you never think about your friends being moms and wives or dads and husbands.  I know this is not a new phenomenon but in the last few months it’s been an overload of reconnecting and reminiscing and it kind of all hit me at once.  We’re grown ups!  All of us in one sense or another have grown up and changed.  

It was so nice to see N and see how she handles the 3 girls (two of which are only 10 months apart!).  Thank you N for having me come and I hope we can see each other a little more often 🙂





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