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Foot Fetish

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Okay, I must admit I have a slight obsession with feet…….

I want to nibble, munch and eat any and all baby toes. They are the perfect size to knaw on.  They are ridiculously cute and kissable and I have a hard time not doing the above mentioned things to babies I meet and photograph.  So be warned…if you book a newborn session with me, you will have lots of feet and toes photos and I promise I won’t leave any marks!!!



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Baby Time!


The boys and I went to meet the long awaited Ms. Mackenzie yesterday afternoon.  My girlfriend Pam had her 6 weeks ago and this was the first chance we got to see her!  Pam is also a photographer but she had asked me to take a few shots of Mac.  Sometimes it’s nice to have someone else photograph your kids froma different perspective (and I think the angel wings had something to do with it!).  The shoot was short due to fussy little man and hungry little girl so we will definitely do it again soon!  I think we managed to get a few keepers though.



Whoo hoo!  Figured out a super easy way to do watermarks!

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Gross or Peaceful

Sooooo, we were walking along the beach on the Lake Ontario side of the sand dunes and we come across some carnage.  Now there are always dead birds and fish on the beach, especially after a storm because the poor little buggers just get pounded by the waves.  We usually do a wide sweep around them and keep on going because frankly they are gross and usually starting to decompose….you get the picture.  Anyway, I saw this little seagull and I had to stop and have a look.  He looked…okay you may think I’m off my my rocker….but I think he looked kind of beautiful in a dead seagull kind of way.  He looked very peaceful, especially the way he was laying and wasn’t beat up at all and definitely not trying to eat our picnic!  My husband thinks I am totally sick and wonders why I would ever take the pics…..is he right? (for once!)

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The Real Ty

At the Sandbanks this weekend I wanted to try and get some shots of Ty.  Lately he has not been very helpful in the modelling department….

Ty says “no momma roo I don’t want you to take any more pictures of me EVER!” 

I say “well Darling, that is NOT going to happen…so you can either be nice and do what I ask you to or not, but either way I WILL take pictures of you until the day I die!”

He says with great impatience and boredom in his voice “okay mommy, just take them”

And the above is what I got!

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My youngest son, has a new past time….sticking out his tongue!  He will sit there for a half an hour with it out and God knows what flys in there around here.  It cracks me up every time!  I tried to get some nice shots of him yesterday and he wouldn’t put the darned thing back in…oh well, it’s cute!

I need to figure out an easy way to put a watermark on the pics.  That, I will try to learn tonight…..one thing at a time!!!!

Not sure why the pics are so small, I’ll need to fix that somehow too 🙂

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The picture of the boardwalk and lighthouse is in Wellington, ON, which is a tiny town near our trailer.  I make postcards and greeting cards for area businesses.  One place I have postcards is the Side Street Gallery in Wellington and she had requested a shot of the boardwalk.  I didn’t want to do the same old thing so I thought the angle and view I managed to get was something she hadn’t seen before.  It seems to be most peoples favourite when I show them.  I figured it would be a good pic to use for the header since the crop worked well…I think!

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Okay, I have never blogged before and I’m a little intimidated by all of this but I’m gonna give it a go!  Please bare with me as I get my feet wet and try to figure things out!

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